Should people see this film? Yes. Absolutely. 100%!

~ Heather, Ontario, Canada

‘SustainableJoes – The Time Is Now’

‘SUSTAINABLEJOES – The Time Is Now’ is an entertaining and fast paced crash course in the space of sustainability, focusing on less doom and gloom, more hope and solutions.

I have decided, after seeing this film, to chose hope, even if it is a long shot. This film respected reality.

~ Brian, Ontario, Canada







JAN, 2017


From the economy to the environment, we all know something has to change. But can we do anything to really help?

‘SustainableJoes – The Time Is Now’ takes a realistic look at the challenges we face, the drivers of our actions, and provides solutions to have a positive impact today.

Twisting the typical environmental narrative, ‘SustainableJoes – The Time Is Now’ is strongly influenced by the work of world renowned Behavioural Economist, Dr. Dan Ariely.

Highlighting the drivers of our human behaviour, throughout the film Dr. Ariely talks about strategies to affect change.

Ultimately, from food to fashion, water to wealth, energy to the economy; ‘SustainableJoes – The Time Is Now’ covers a variety of topics with a digestibly fast paced approach, focusing on less doom and gloom, more hope and solutions.


Captain Paul Watson

Founder – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Glen Murray

Province of Ontario: Minister of The Environment & Climate Change, MPP: Toronto Centre

Brendan Seale

IKEA Canada: Sustainability Manager

Alison Higgins

City of Key West, FL: Sustainability Coordinator

Philip K. Stoddard, Ph.D

City of South Miami, FL: Mayor, Florida International University: Professor of Biology

Rhonda Hagg

Monroe County, FL: Sustainability Program Manager

Ben Hard, CFP

Sara-Bay Financial Corp: Vice President

Steve Szucs Sr.

Re/Max: Broker, Szucs Farms: Owner & Operator

Anjanette DeCarlo, Ph.D

Saint Michael’s College, VT: Visiting Professor

Dan Ariely, Ph.D

Duke: Professor, TED: Speaker, WSJ: Columnist, NYT: Best Selling Auther

Andrew Geller, Ph.D

United States Environmental Protection Agency: Deputy National Director, Sustainable & Healthy Communities

Alex & Tyler Mifflin

The WaterBrothers

Neale Lunderville

Burlington Electric Utility, VT: General Manager

Jennifer L. Jurado, Ph.D

Broward County, FL: Director, Environmental Planning & Community Resilience

Steven Price

Bird Studies Canada: President

Daniel Klein

Relay Foods: Regional Marketing Manager

Carley Stein & Daniel Millar

Beekeeper’s Naturals: Founders

Eric Henry

TS Designs: President


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