Big News For 2017


Happy 2017 Everyone!

I hope this message finds each of you well.

In writing this post I was searching for eloquent words to express the current developments at SustainableJoes, however, those words chose to elude me.

Therefore, I have decided to break this post into three categories:

Three Big Developments

Goals & What You Can Do

Where We’re Going


Coming into 2017, I want us to move forward together, with full force and efficacy. 

To echo the title of our documentary, I believe ‘The Time Is Now’. The time for change, the time for action, the time to decide our future…and the choice is ours to make.

New or old, young or seasoned, know that I value you as a member of this community. Alone, we are individuals, but together we are SustainableJoes ~ a movement of everyday Joes & Jaynes taking action.


Thankfully and sustainably yours,





London Premiere – November 2016

Three Big Developments:

Our Official Documentary Trailer is live

We have a Toronto Premiere on January 26th

Our redesigned website is up


2017 Goals

(The Next Three Months)


GOAL 1 – 5,000 Views on the Trailer

How are we going to accomplish this?

Only with your help. We need your voice. We need you to connect with your friends, family, and communities. Your people listen to you!

IMPORTANT – To get 5,000 views we need you to not only share the trailer, but tag at least three people in your post. Challenge them to watch the trailer and share it with three of their friends. 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x3 x3 x3 = 6561!

We can do this!

GOAL 2 – Build the community

5,000 Facebook Likes  @SustainableJoes

2,500 Instagram Follows @SustainableJoes

1,000 Twitter Follows @SustainableJoes

Grow the community and we will grow our collective impact. We have something exciting in the works…but the numbers to be bigger.

Again, your voice carries weight. If you believe in what we are doing…be loud.

GOAL 3 – Sell out the Toronto Premiere

If you liked the Trailer ~ Invite the world!

For those of you not on Facebook -> here is the link to our Eventbrite Ticketing page.

For those of you on Facebook, the SustainableJoes page has made an event

Again, be personal with your messages. Share why you care, tell your community what you want the future to look like. Be direct & tag people.

We hear what those around us say.toronto-premiere


Where We Are Going

Three and a half years ago SustainableJoes was founded on a cornerstone ideal, to make sustainability easy for all “Everyday Joes & Jaynes.”

Today, that ideal rests at the heart of our refined mission, “To accelerate the advent, accessibility, and global implementation of sustainable solutions. (If you are new to the SustainableJoes community, you can read our full story on our About page )

SustainableJoes has grown from its’ tiny off-grid beginnings in London, Ontario, to the impending global release of our first film, featuring world renowned experts.

Dr. Janet Schwartz, Stephen, & Dr. Dan Ariely

Dr. Janet Schwartz, Stephen, & Dr Ariely

If you told me three years ago that we would have made a film featuring Captain Paul Watson, Dr. Dan Ariely, IKEA Canada, and Directors at the United States Environmental Protection Agency…I would have certainly laughed at you, and with a slight grin on my face said: “Ya right! However, one can hope.”

Well we did it my friends, our Toronto premiere is scheduled for January 26th, and we are very grateful to have a community consisting of thousands around the world.

A community, which includes you. Thank you.

MOVING FORWARD, SustainableJoes is working on structures to become financially sustainable.  Reflecting back, my approach to this project has always been purely based in the space of passion, and I have learned that passion without income is unsustainable. This entails:

  • Platform – We have begun working with two web developers to create a platform geared at redeveloping the business landscape. We understand that everyone needs to put food on their tables, and a roof over their heads. Our new platform aims to empower consumers, producers, and suppliers to interact more sustainably, in a transparent and transformative manner.
  • Podcast – Following our interview on the Bunz podcast, a producer contacted me about creating a SustainableJoes’ podcast. Like SustainableJoes at large, our podcast will focus on:
    • What moving forward looks like
    • Entertaining, Educating, Empowering
    • Instilling hope while realistically confronting challenges
    • Sparking measurable / tangible / implementable / sustainable action
    • Sharing stories via interview, about those at the leading edge of forward thought, action, and engagement.

(We are currently looking for sponsors. If you, your company, or someone in your network is interested in sponsorship, please contact us.)

  • Presentations – We are working to get the film viewed by as many people as possible.  If you would like to organize a screening / presentation in your community, or have access to distributors, please let us know.

I can’t begin to express how excited I am for the upcoming year. There is a lot of change coming, but the time truly is now. Together our voices can cover the globe and make a sustainable future a reality.

Let’s do this!

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