2084’ EP 19. Social Justice, Society, & Impact Actions: Alex Gill, Founder, Mendicant Group (Live)

Looking to solve a problem in your business or society? 


In this episode of 2084, Stephen sits down for a uncut and candid live conversation with social entrepreneur Alex Gill. Alex Gill is a CoFounder of the Toronto based social consultancy, Mendicant Group. Folding Director of Ryerson University’s Social Venture Zone, and one of Canada’s Social Justice All Stars.


In this conversation Alex sheds some light on what social justice is. Strategies you can use to move your organization forward…AND how we can use the market to positively impact social justice issues.


If you want to connect with Alex, the best way is via twitter @AlexGill


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BONUS – Welcome To 2018

Happy 2018 everyone!

We are back at it and happy to be releasing out first episode of the year.

We have been working hard over the last few weeks to get our film released online, AND we are over the moon to announce that it is live.  You can watch it for free right now at www.SustainableJoes.com/movie

Look back at 2017, it has been a wild ride! In this bonus episode of the 2084 podcast, we share our road map for 2018.

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Bonus – Our Film Release!

It is with a great deal of thanks and humility that we release our film today.

‘SUSTAINABLEJOES – The Time Is Now’ is an entertaining and fast paced crash course in the space of sustainability, focusing on less doom and gloom, more hope and solutions; with a behavioural economics twist, featuring Dr. Dan Ariely.

Like our film, this episode turned into an emotional journey I didn’t expect.

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‘2084’ EP 18. EcoVert & Green Drinks: Jim Lord, CoFounder

In this week’s episode 2084, Stephen sits down with Jim Lord, Co-Founder of EcoVert and Organizer of GreenDrinks Toronto. EcoVert is one of Canada’s largest sustainability consultancies, and Green Drinks is an international organization bringing people together to have ‘green’ conversation over ‘drinks’.

In this episode we talk about the early days of Green Drinks. Consulting in the space of sustainability; challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and what moving forward looks like.

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