Our Podcast Is Live!

Good morning everyone,

Did you have a good good Earth Day? Did you see the ‘March for Science’? Earth Day week was full of presentations and screenings on this end, culminating with something really exciting!

I am so incredibly happy to announce, and share the release of the SustainableJoes’ podcast, ‘2084’!

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Spring Has Sprung @ Sustainablejoes

Hi Everyone,

I have 3 exciting things to share with you. Incase you though I was dead, the answer is no. I have however kept my head down over the past few months, had a few failures, a few success, and am excited to share today!

1 – Podcast

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Big News For 2017


Happy 2017 Everyone!

I hope this message finds each of you well.

In writing this post I was searching for eloquent words to express the current developments at SustainableJoes, however, those words chose to elude me.

Therefore, I have decided to break this post into three categories:

Three Big Developments

Goals & What You Can Do

Where We’re Going


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Documentary Premiere!


Hi Everyone!


The time has finally arrived. Thanks to the support of so many, I am very happy to announce the premiere of SustainableJoes’ first ever documentary!

We will premiere the doc in the city where it all began – London, Ontario!

I hope you will join us to walk the green carpet!

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Documentary Title Survey

Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you all wonderfully well.

This week I write you from a very hot Toronto, Ontario Canada…and as the documentary approaches completion, IT’S FINALLY TIME FOR A TITLE! 

That being said, I want to know what you think!

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